Please share the details about your homeless service project. Please include: where you served, when and for **how long (specific times please for your community service hours), how you served (what did you do), and an overall reflection of your experience, such as -would you serve again? What we're the homeless people like (the same or different than you expected)?  What did you learn from this service project? What impacted you the most from your service experience?

(**This step is essential in gaining your community service hours, so please make sure you list the specific hours you served to get your service credit). 


Danielle Z
05/22/2013 6:18pm

I chose no Internet for 24 hours because I use it daily and I wanted to see how it felt to have no Internet. Yes there were negative effects because there was no other way to communicate with people who don't live close to me except to call them. The positive effects are that I got to do things I never had enough time to do because I was really addicted to the Internet. I got to read more, clean my room, and play outside. I learn that we should be great full for what we have because one day everything we have might disappear. I chose no water for 24 hours because I drink a lot of water and I wanted to see how it felt to not have water. No there were no negative effects because I drank juice. The positive effect were that I learned how it felt to have no water.


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